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Your Domain Name

Getting a domain name for your ebook sales page.

Now that we have an ebook its time to create our sales page. To do so you will need to first of all get a Domain Name.

Your domain name should be the name you want to call your blog or website. So let’s say we plan on selling our weight loss ebook, then our  your domain name could be something in the lines of the book title such as www.20poundslighter.com, or, co.uk, .net, etc. Now this is just an example and you can experiment with other names of your choice. However just make sure that the name you choose immediately tells people what your blog is all about.

Domain names aren’t FREE so you will need to invest a little bit of cash in it. You can get a domain name for as little as $10 PER YEAR  at NameCheap.com  (if you don’t already have one). However if you have another domain provider in mind, you can still use them.

I will strongly recommend you go for a .com domain name as these tend to rank highly on Google. If your particular domain name isn’t available, you should usually get suggestions of different names you could use. So mix and match and play around with names.

Make sure you choose a good and catchy name whatever your decision is. Your domain name is usually active as soon as you’ve completed payment. And you don’t have to worry about renewing this until after a YEAR.

Now go get yourself a domain name and I will see you in our next module.

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